The following individuals are currently serving on the MoEd board of directors.


Maxine Grossman, President of the Board

Maxine Grossman holds a PhD in Religious Studies from the University of Pennsylvania and is an associate professor in the Jewish Studies Program at the University of Maryland. Her two sons attend JPDS-NC and MoEd.


Phil Avner, Secretary

Phil Avner holds degrees in Engineering and Journalism, and works as a technology development manager in the news media industry.  His (grown) children attended local Jewish day schools, public schools, and the Shoresh supplemental Jewish high school.  He was among the founders of Shoresh.


Stefan Gottschalk, Board Member

Stefan Gottschalk is a lawyer and accountant in Washington, DC.  He is a graduate of NYU school of law, has been admitted to the bar in New York State, and is an Illinois Registered Certified Public Accountant.


Darius D. Sivin, Board Member

Darius D. Sivin  holds a PhD  from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.  He works in Occupational Health and Safety for the United Auto Workers. He is a member of the Board of the National Havurah Committee and a former member of the coordinating committee for Minyan Segulah.  His son, Lev, attends MoEd and Fabrangen Cheder.  Darius teaches Midrash and prayer to 11-year olds at Fabrangen Cheder.


Hannah Katz Feldman, Board Member

Hannah Katz Feldman works in information technology as a Senior Analyst at Discovery Communications. She is the mother of three and her oldest conveniently started kindergarten in MoEd’s inaugural year.


Elizabeth Weber Handwerker, Treasurer

Elizabeth Weber Handwerker holds a PhD in Economics from the University of California, Berkeley and a bachelor's degree with honors from Swarthmore College.  She works as a research economist.   Together with her husband, Daniel, she started the effort to create MoEd because they wanted this program for their children.