A fun, engaging & active
program of play and study.


MoEd includes play–time to encourage children to relax and connect with their Jewish peers. Our Hebrew and Judaics program also emphasizes learning through play.  

Our Hebrew study takes an immersive approach to Modern Hebrew language, made possible by our native Hebrew speaking staff.  

Our Judaics curriculum includes such topics as the Jewish calendar, history, and Jewish texts, with emphases that vary from year to year.  

Each topic we study is approached in many ways, including through songs, games, creative activities, and stories, with a strong emphasis on engaging the children and giving them ownership of their learning.

Several families are like mine, who combine MoEd with a synagogue religious school. We find that the Hebrew language learning and broader skills and knowledge our children learn in MoEd complement participation in other Jewish communities—and we love how much fun our children have in MoEd’s programs (and also how these programs fit the needs of working parents)!
— Elizabeth W.