A Jewish toolbox

MoEd’s primary goal is to provide the kids with a “Jewish Tool­ Box” so that our graduates will have an age­ appropriate understanding of the fundamental building blocks of Judaism, enabling them to make informed decisions about their own approach to Jewish practice and communal involvement as they grow older. 

We nurture children’s curiosity and encourage them to ask endless questions. We approach Jewish topics in a fun, loving, and engaging way and teach them to celebrate being Jewish.

  • We stress and promote understanding as the foundation or framework, as a first step in acquiring new knowledge.
  • We involve the kids in as many tasks as possible, from the point of decision making to when the task is carried out; we want them to “own” the task, the process, and the outcome.
  • The community is an important part of the children’s education. Being surrounded by other Jewish children from different congregations, affiliations and approaches is a great asset. We are all very different yet very much the same.
  • While we gather all the knowledge in the room and approach each topic from varying points of view, we understand that being Jewish doesn’t have one color but many shades or options, and that each of us can belong, and yet follow his/her own heart and convictions.
  • We strive to provide in depth knowledge, enrich the children’s understanding and teach them to address each topic, leaving no questions unanswered.

Download the MoEd Curriculum